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Iím in a great mood this week (no rain for a few days), that I am ending the month in all sorts of new ways.  First, this is a fantastic time to pick up the Herbalpedia for your library.  Through August 6 Iím offering them at $50 ($30 off the list price).  Over 2700 herbs and everything about them: medicinal uses, culinary uses, aromatherapy, cultivation, history, ritual and tons of recipes (culinary AND medicinal). If you printed it off, thereís more than 6500 pages.  Go to https://www.herbnet.com/category/HERBALPEDIA-4 and get yours now.  Use the promo code HerbalpediaSummer when you order.  


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All the smaller Herbalpedias are included in the big Herbalpedia, but some want of you wanted just the specific herbs in the small editions and we wanted to oblige.


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What is Herbalpedia?  Herbalpedia is an encyclopedia of not only herbs, but plants with multiple uses: medicinal, culinary, cosmetic, aromatherapy, ritual and industrial.  We update and add to it each year.  2750 profiles of botanicals are in the current edition in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format with a linked Table of Contents, both English and Latin indexes, and a search function.  The CD can be read by any computer with Adobe Reader (available as a free download at Adobe) and you can print off specific profiles you want in hard copy.  Over 6500 pages of information along with color photos of 98% of the plants!!!  Uses (medicinal, culinary, cosmetic, aromatherapy, ritual and industrial), cultivation, recipes (culinary and medicinal formulas), history and lore, research, anything we can find on a specific plant is included.   So order now and get it hot off the burner......click here  

We're still growing.  And I've got a lot to add so there's several years left.
The Herbalpedia is a passion.  Sometimes it amazes me how many plants there are....
and at how we can use them for food and medicine.

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2016's Herb(s) of the Year...Capsicum family...in other words Cayenne
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               Get ready for the HOY now:  Herb of the Year 2016: Capsicum 2016 Herb of the Year:

Cayenne, Chinese Capsicum, Locoto  

If you are using Chrome you must disable the Chrome plugin for viewing pdfs and use Adobe Reader.  Or use IE or Firefox to view these files.  Sorry,  Chrome has its own viewer and it does not work correctly with all computers.  :-(

2015 Herb of the Year: Savory: Summer Savory, Winter Savory, Creeping Savory, Thyme Leaved Savory

2014 Herb of the Year: Artemisias:  Sweet Annie, Southernwood, Wormwood, African Artemisia, Chinese Wormwood, Tree Artemesia, Ai Ye, Field Southernwood, Common Sagebrush, Silver Sagebrush, Yin Chen Hao, Levant Wormseed, Tarragon, Mountain Mugwort, Fringed Wormwood, Black Wormwood, Russian Wormwood, An Lu, White Mugwort, Western Mugwort, Sea Mugwort, Roman Wormwood, Yomogi, Sage Brush, Mountain Wormwood, Common Sagebrush, Mugwort

        2012 Herb of the Year: Rose and other roses--Cherokee Rose, Cotton Rose, Dog Rose, Prickly Wild Rose

        Upcoming Herbs of the Year:

One of the questions we're often asked is where particular plants or tinctures can be purchased.  We've listed more sources this year.  And if you grow, manufacture and/or mail order, this may benefit you.  If you want to be listed in our source list there is no charge for 2017's edition (this will probably change in the future).  You MUST be a member of The Herb Growing & Marketing Network to take advantage of this and you only have to sign up through our site at www.herbworld.com and send me the list of your plants, seeds, tinctures or essential oils.  We're only taking those categories this year but will probably expand in the future.  And to benefit our members even more, you'll be added to our Source section on www.herbnet.com   The only other requirement for submission is that you submit your list in alphabetical format by Latin name with the English equivalent next to it. I will NOT accept any other format.  Don't care if it's a word document or excel but it HAS to be by Latin name.  To be in the 2017 edition, I must have the submission no later than August 1, 2016.  Write me for a full list of the 2017 index AFTER 8/1/16.



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