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I’ve been busy with getting finished with the next edition.  And questions have started to come in: when is the new version available?  I hope by the first of February.  It’s the same every year.  People are so afraid to get the current edition because they might miss something on the new one.  2012 will have 100 new herbs.  Most of them will be Hispanic.  I got carried away again.  Most will be from the southwest and Mexico with some a little further south.  If you get the current edition, you have all next year to get the 2012 at half the price.  So if you’re in need now, don’t wait.   The price will be the same–$80.

And we will have many profiles updated.  A lot of names certain herbs go by and a lot of recipes, always new recipes.    And I constantly find research to support the medicinal uses.  And no, I can’t tell you what profiles are updated.  The Herbalpedia has a mind of its own.  I go off on tangents…this year it was with Mexican herbs…..last year it was Chinese herbs.  I read an article and suddenly I find myself looking at Hawaiian herbs.  No telling what will inspire me.

If there’s something you’d like to see, ask away.  If it can be done, we try.  I include everything I can find on an herb.  If it seems impossible, I state “has been used for” not “will cure”.  Actually, I stress that you should run everything you take by a healthcare provider.  You could be that one in a million who has a sensitivity to a specific plant.  And be sure you get your herbs from a reliable source.  Some toxic plants unfortunately look a lot like nontoxic ones.  Herbs are wonderful, but safety is paramount.

Don’t expect herbs to replace common sense.  Some of the questions we get on Ask the Herbalist are not ones that herbs can help.  There is a need for western medicine, even if only for emergencies.  That’s one thing the Chinese are so far ahead of us with, they blend traditional medicine with western medicine so seamlessly.

So don’t wait to get Herbalpedia…..it can answer so many questions now when you need them answered and get you inspired to start growing them when the weather warms up.

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