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I admit to being a book collector.  Yep, I couldn't see an herb book, especially an old herb book, and pass by without buying it.   

And I admit to being obsessed with plants and the way they can help us improve or regain our health.  But as I got more and more interested in plants, I found it absolutely impossible to keep track of where I found certain information on a particular plant.   People would call with questions and I knew I had seen the answer somewhere...but where?

And so, Herbalpedia was born.   I could still collect the books but now I could put all the information about a plant in one place.  Finally a way to have all the information about a plant:  recipes, medicinal uses, how to grow the plant and all the different facts I could find.  Herbalpedia enables you to find out if a plant will help or hurt you.  It gives you recipes to use a plant medicinally and helps you cook as well.  And you can have it accessible without a library of books to lug around.  In fact, we even have a version on a flash drive for your notebook. 

This is a work of love.  And the more I learn about plants, the more I realize how little I really do know.  And I believe that's what makes a real herb person: an awe about plants and a real desire to study what a plant can do, and show others how much information is available to them. 

2015 Edition of the Herbalpedia 

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